Top 10 Strangest Animals on Earth


Our beautiful world is inhabited by some absolutely amazing creatures, beings of a variety that most of us couldn’t even believe existed if it weren’t for the pictures we are about to see. At first sight, some of the following creatures appear out of this world, but rest assured that some of them have been around for a longer time than we have. For a few of them, it is we humans who appear out of the ordinary. Without further ado, let us take a closer, inquisitive look at the ten strangest animals on our planet.

10The Star Nose Mole

There is something incredibly odd about an animal with a snout that has tentacles. The mole itself is quite tiny and this tentacle snout is actually its main sensory organ. This mole’s snout contains quite a number of appendages – 11 pairs to be precise. And they give this mole incredible ability. With over 25,000 receptors, this fine tuned snout has the capacity to detect the smallest of vibrations and waves. Scientists have reason to believe that this mole can accurately predict seismic waves.