Top 10 Strangest Archaeological Discoveries


When most of us think of archaeologists, we envision this Indiana Jones type of person who explores ancient tombs unraveling buried secrets. In reality, however, archaeology isn’t as exciting as Hollywood makes it out to be, but this doesn’t mean exciting findings don’t get uncovered every once in a while. While most of the time archaeologists bring to light old household utensils and bones, sometimes they dig out truly interesting artifacts. Let us then take a look at the 10 strangest archaeological discoveries ever made.

10Alien skulls in Mexico

While digging, villagers in Mexico uncovered a mass grave filled with 25 corpses with oddly shaped heads. Many were quick to suggest that the corpses might have belonged to aliens. However, archeologists suggest otherwise. The odd shape of the heads found in the grave has been attributed to a weird practice of forcing children’s skull in to odd shapes. This practice was prevalent in Central America some 1000 years ago.