Top 10 Strangest Archaeological Discoveries


When most of us think of archaeologists, we envision this Indiana Jones type of person who explores ancient tombs unraveling buried secrets. In reality, however, archaeology isn’t as exciting as Hollywood makes it out to be, but this doesn’t mean exciting findings don’t get uncovered every once in a while. While most of the time archaeologists bring to light old household utensils and bones, sometimes they dig out truly interesting artifacts. Let us then take a look at the 10 strangest archaeological discoveries ever made.

9King Louis XVI’s blood

According to legend, when King Louis XVI was executed in 1792 during the French revolution, people dipped their handkerchiefs in his blood. Recent findings particularly a handkerchief found to contain the dead King’s blood suggest that the story may not be a myth. When DNA testing was done and compared to a mummified head believed to belong to King Henry IV, it was found that they were both from the same time.