Top 10 Strangest Archaeological Discoveries


When most of us think of archaeologists, we envision this Indiana Jones type of person who explores ancient tombs unraveling buried secrets. In reality, however, archaeology isn’t as exciting as Hollywood makes it out to be, but this doesn’t mean exciting findings don’t get uncovered every once in a while. While most of the time archaeologists bring to light old household utensils and bones, sometimes they dig out truly interesting artifacts. Let us then take a look at the 10 strangest archaeological discoveries ever made.

8Otzi the Iceman

Code named “Otzi the Iceman” this strange finding was made in Austria by a group of hikers in 1991. This 5,300 year old body was found frozen in ice and was well preserved. In fact the body was found with its blood cells which looked like those of a modern human. The blood found inside this body is the oldest ever retrieved.