Top 10 Strangest Deaths in History


They say death comes for us all in the end, and even though no one really expects their death to come before their time, there are some who go out in style. Although they didn’t really planned it beforehand, some people managed to die in such a strange way that they unwillingly wrote history to some extent. We will now take a closer look at the ten most bizarre deaths in history and how their demise came to be.

9A True Death

A lawyer, again, tried to prove the correctness of his point in this case. Mr. Garry Hoy was a Toronto based lawyer who believed that the glass in the prestigious Toronto Dominion centre was unbreakable. The best way to prove his point? He would frequently throw himself against this glass and all this time, the glass held up. One unlucky day, the glass gave out and the unlucky chap plummeted 24 stories to his horrific death. Even in his death, he still proved the correctness of his belief in the unbreak-ability of this glass. The glass did not break; it just popped right out of its frame.