Top 10 Strangest Deep Sea Creatures


Planet Earth is home to some truly majestic creatures big and small, each unique in its own special way. When it comes to the deep sea, however, the lowest layer of the ocean is home to a few very strange beings, creatures that look unlike anything we’re used to seeing. While it is true that most sea creatures live close to the surface, you will find life thriving as deep as 1,800 meters deep or even more. Over the next few minutes, we’ll take a look at the ten strangest deep sea creatures in the world, creatures most of you probably didn’t even knew existed before now.

10Polychaete Worms

This strange worm was trawled from the sea floor, about 1200 meters or 3900 feet on New Zealand’s North Coast in 2012. Its alluring beauty makes it seemingly harmless but very spectacular to look at. It is pink in color and it can reflect rainbows but make no mistake about it, these pretty creatures are vicious predators. They have tentacles on their head which are actually sensory organs that detect prey. They are able to turn the pharynx inside out to suddenly grab their prey. Interestingly enough, these worms are small, never growing beyond 10 cm in size. They are found near hydrothermal vents on the ocean’s floor where they prefer feeding on anything thay are able to catch.