Top 10 Strangest Diplomatic Gifts


It is accustomed for state officials to trade gifts with each others to improve and / or maintain a good relationship between nations. This isn’t something that happens only in today’s political climate, mind you, the documented custom of presenting foreign diplomats with presents has been going around since ancient times. Not all gifts are considerate, however, as we will soon find out. Some of these gifts are not only in bad taste, but are absolutely bizarre by all standards. Without further ado, here are the 10 strangest diplomatic gifts of our time.

9Lamb meat for President George W Bush

According to official records, during President George W Bush’s tenure in office, the first family received over 1,000 gifts every month. Of the many gifts given to the former president none is as odd as the one presented by the Argentinean President. In 2009 the president of Argentina presented to President Bush over 300 pounds of lamb meat as a diplomatic gift. It is likely that the gift was donated as the secret service would have strongly advised against consuming meat from a foreign land.