Top 10 Strangest Eating Disorders


Be it their favorite dish or a snack every once in a while, most people love to eat. Some prefer enjoying the occasional steak, others like eating salads more. We all, however, need food in order to survive. As we are about to find out, there are some among us who suffer from very strange eating habits or disorders, the type of eating habits that have a much bigger influence on their lifestyle than they would want to.

By no will of their own, these conditions make them eat some of the strangest things possible. Sometimes, as a result of their disorders, they end up eating nothing at all. So join us over the next few minutes, as we try to find out what are the 10 strangest eating disorders a person can have.


Everybody has heard about anorexia in this day and age because it is one of the most talked about eating disorders in the world today. People who suffer from anorexia feel the compulsive need to starve themselves at all cost. Sometimes, anorexia is joined by strange practices like drinking liquids laced with cotton wool in order to trick their own stomachs into thinking they’ve eaten, thus ridding themselves of hunger. As you can imagine, this particular eating disorder claims many lives worldwide every year.