Top 10 Strangest Hybrid Animals


Although hybrid animals rarely exist in the wild, sometimes animals from different yet closely related species mate with one another, giving birth to some truly interesting new breeds. We should also mention that most hybrid animals in existence today were bred whilst in captivity.

Ever wondered what it would be like if tigers mated with lions? How about if domestic horses mated with actual zebras? The results, as you may imagine, not only look strange to the naked eye, but are also infertile most of the time, so the only real way to witness such a hybrid would be within a controlled environment. Without further ado, here are the ten strangest hybrid animals who ever existed.


As the name suggests, this particular hybrid is obtain when mixing a beluga whale with a narwhal. The result – a strange narwhal-like creature that holds quite a few beluga characteristics as well. To date, only one such hybrid has been documented, somewhere in West Greenland. Despite their small difference in size, both the beluga whale and the narwhal are members of the Monodontidae family and they both live in pretty much the same waters, making this strange occurrence possible even in the wild.