Top 10 Strangest Insects in the World


Mother nature has blessed our world with some truly amazing creatures, ourselves included. Among them, insects are without a shred of doubt, the most diverse and adaptable, but also the most numerous beings on the face of the planet. You see, insects come in all shapes and sizes yet some of them are more unusual than others.

Over the next few minutes, we’ll try to take a look at weird insects from around the world, in our quest to find out the strangest insects currently walking the Earth. If you are squeamish, this is your chance to turn back now, because some of the insects on our list appear to be quite alien to our world, almost to the point of being considered disgusting by some.

10Brazilian Treehopper

The Brazilian Treehopper is one of the strangest-looking insects on the planet. Its unusual growths on the thorax make it difficult for predators to swallow it, so it is quite an useful evolutionary defense system in this respect. This particular insect lives a solitary life for the most part and prefers to stay away from any sort of interaction with any animal or insect it encounters.