Top 10 Strangest Medical Treatments


We can all agree that healthcare as a science has improved considerably over the years and so has the healing ability of healthcare professionals. We also know that it wasn’t always like this, as in their quest for knowledge, people have tried using pretty much anything as medicine for whatever medical condition they were trying to cure at the time. This is one of the main reasons why witch doctors and healers have been replaced over time by the highly trained doctors, nurses, and healthcare specialists of today.

Still, we would do well to take a closer look at 10 of the strangest medical treatments that people from various cultures have used throughout history, to better appreciate how far we’ve come. Mind you, that some of these treatments are still being used today having been proven to work, while other such ‘cures’ are still being used despite being frowned upon and / or even illegal in most parts of the world.

9Dead tissue maggot treatment

Maggot therapy is the name given to the age old practice of using live maggots to remove dead tissues in a wound. This odd and somewhat barbaric treatment method was used mainly during times of war. Ironically, the treatment is making a comeback and is used in the treatment of post-surgical wounds.