Top 10 Strangest Mental Disorders


Mental disorders are still considered a tabu subject in today’s world, even though we all know at least one person suffering from one. There are also disorders and syndromes that people develop throughout their lives, be it because of pathological reasons or because of events that trigger their appearance. Either way, some of the mental disorders people suffer from can be quite strange for the rest of us.

Over the next few minutes, we’ll take a look at some of the strangest mental disorders people can suffer from, conditions that are beyond weird for people who never had the misfortune to experience them firsthand, no doubt about it. Here are ten of the strangest mental disorders a person can be affected by.

10Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological response experienced sometimes by victims of abductions, a condition that makes the hostage show signs of sympathy, loyalty, and compliance with the hostage taker. Sadly enough, this condition is also associated with victims of child abuse and domestic violence, a condition that often prevents authorities to prosecute the perpetrators due to their victim’s attachment to them.