Top 10 Strangest Musical Instruments


We all know how diverse is music as an art form and how diverse are the genres of music people listen to, so it’s only natural for the instruments used to produce it to be diverse as well. However, not all musical instruments follow traditional standards these days, mainly given the rise of electronic, techno, or alternative music over the past three decades or so.

It makes sense then for some of these instruments to be quite strange, just as the music they are used to make is considered strange by those who haven’t developed a taste for it. So let us find out what are the ten strangest musical instruments ever invented and what type of music can be played with them.

6Glass Armonica

Like the name suggests, the glass harmonica, also known as ‘hydrocrystalophone’, is a peculiar musical instrument that uses a series of glass bowls to produce musical tones via friction. It may also useĀ goblets positioned according to the same principle, with the notion that it may also behave like a friction idiophone. Interestingly enough, the mechanical version of the glass armonica was invented by none other than Benjamin Franklin.