Top 10 Strangest Sports in the World


Most of us love sports or at least watching professional athletes compete against each others because in all fairness, what’s not to like? We all recognize the tennis player on the billboard or that football player from the shampoo commercial on TV, because we as a culture appreciate those who push their condition to the limit. The star athletes of the following sports, however, aren’t that easily recognizable. This is because the sports on our following list are practiced by only a select few at any given time. Without further ado, here are the 10 strangest sports in the world right now.


Buzkashi is a rather aggressive kind of polo also played on horseback. It is a sport that originates from Central Asia. There is a very critical difference between this extreme sport and the conventional polo – there is no wooden mallet or a ball. Replace these two with a carcass of a goat! So players score by dragging this carcass across the other team’s goal line. It is a deadly game, quite literally, and players can be a bit quite rough sometimes, but a fun game overall.