Top 10 Strangest Sports in the World


Most of us love sports or at least watching professional athletes compete against each others because in all fairness, what’s not to like? We all recognize the tennis player on the billboard or that football player from the shampoo commercial on TV, because we as a culture appreciate those who push their condition to the limit. The star athletes of the following sports, however, aren’t that easily recognizable. This is because the sports on our following list are practiced by only a select few at any given time. Without further ado, here are the 10 strangest sports in the world right now.

9Extreme Ironing

The name says it all. It is an extreme sport, and it involves ironing – yes, that thing you do to your clothes to remove unsightly creases. Players of this rather unusual sport think of the most insane and incredulous places to iron their clothes. They take their ironing essentials to some remote place and photograph themselves doing the deed. Not much fun, right? Wrong. Some of these remote places include – underwater, on top of a moving vehicle, hanging from a cliff, or even when performing extreme water sports. This gives the ironists the thrill of a lifetime.