Top 10 Strangest Superstitions


We all have certain superstitions, even those of us who don’t really believe in the supernatural. For some of us, superstitions aren’t really about mystical phenomena or anything spiritual, but about adhering to certain standards. This being said, there are plenty out there who live out their lives in fear of upsetting the invisible yet almighty balance of the universe, be it karma or whatever they call it. If you’ll bear with us for a few moments, we’ll try to find out what are the ten strangest superstitions people have so we can better understand where they’re coming from.

8Tuck your thumbs in when passing a graveyard in Japan

If you walk by a graveyard, or if a hearse passes you by, you must tuck in your thumbs. This superstition is believed to come from the far east in Japan. You see, the Japanese word for ‘thumb’ translates to ‘parent-finger’. Tucking it in is a way to protect your parents from death according to this weird superstition, one that people throughout the world have appropriated over the ages.