Top 10 Strangest Things That Are Banned Around The World


Things get forbidden by society for a number of reasons, regardless of how well-founded or far-fetched they are. However, societies differ from one another, and so do the rules that they function on. What is forbidden in one corner of the planet, may be perfectly legal in another corner. People often ban items, practices, and even religions if they feel threatened by them.

In the following minutes, we’ll see what are the strangest things that human beings have banned or forbidden in certain places, some of which being cruel or hilarious. By all means, try not to think less of the people living there, as they certainly had their reasons for doing so.

10Jasmine in Forbidden in China

Believe it or not, Jasmine flowers are banned in China at the moment, and have been for a very long time. A long time ago, the Jasmine revolution in Tunisia overthrew the totalitarian regime that was ruling the country at the time. Following the news of this revolution, people in China also started to rebel against the government, prompting the rulers to put a ban on Jasmine flowers, any art form that includes Jasmines, and the use of the word Jasmine in text messages or letters.