Top 10 Strangest yet Profitable Inventions


Great ideas are worth millions they say, but what about crazy ones? Could a crazy enough idea be deemed interesting enough to make a profit? This is precisely what the following inventors must have had in mind when they came up with these…let’s call them ‘strange’ inventions.

It has to be said that some of the items on the following list are quite useful and unique while others are only popular because of how bizarre and appealing they sound. All of them, however, have one thing in common – they were all extremely profitable for their inventors. Without further ado, here are the strangest, yet profitable inventions in the world.


Doggles are the equivalent of goggles with the only difference being the wearer. Doggles are sunglasses made specifically for our fury friends – the dogs. It is common to see dogs nowadays walking in style spotting these Ray-Bans. And they wear these doggles for the same reason that us humans do – keep dust and wind out of the eyes, shield their eyes from UV rays, prevent the sun’s glare from blinding them etc. pretty much the same reasons as us. Additionally, doggles play an important role in the military – they protect the uniformed dogs’ eyes from debris especially in war torn zones. While this invention may pass as being silly and unnecessary, Doggle LLC has already sold millions of doggles racking in huge bucks