Top 10 Tallest Buildings In The World


No other structure in the world stands witness to man’s greatness than a skyscraper. Ever since mankind crawled out of the slime, humanity has been at odds with the harshness of mother nature. Over time, we have conquered most of our planet’s land and we claimed its resources as our own. Destined for great deeds, we left the caves that served as homes, and climbed towards the sky above as soon as it was possible.

It is maybe because of our might that we build structures as tall as the eye can see, or maybe because it is in our very nature to constantly challenge ourselves. The tallest buildings in the world today, are the result of ingenuity, well-being, and financial prowess. There is really no telling of what ‘tall enough’ could be, as every year a new skyscraper is designed to overtake the already existing ones in both size and technology.

9KingKey 100 – 442 m / 1450 ft

Situated in the financial district of Shenzen, China, the KingKey 100 measures 442m or 1,449 feet. The construction of this impressive skyscraper started in 2007 and finished in 2011. KingKey 100 has 100 floors like the name suggests, 68 of which are being used as office space. Out of the other 32 floors, 22 are used by a six star business hotel, while the remaining four floors hold several restaurants and a garden.