Top 10 Ugliest Animals in The World


Are you comfortable? Are you seating tight in your cozy chair enjoying a tasty beverage while browsing the internet? Good, because we are about to unsettle you. What you are about to see, are THE most disgusting, hideous, and downright disturbing animals on the face of the planet.

Maybe you’ll get a liking to some of them, maybe others are rather cute in the right context, it still doesn’t take anything away from the fact that some of them could, and would kill you if given the chance. Maybe highly unlikely given their stature, but extremely probable judging by how they look. This being said, here are the 10 most disturbing, disgusting, and scary-looking creatures in the world.

9Desert Mole Rat

The Desert Mole Rat lives most of its life underground, and with a face like that who can blame it? Native to parts of East Africa, the desert mole rat is one of the strangest creatures on the planet, not only for it looks, but for its strong organism as well. For instance, the desert mole rat lacks any form of sensation on the surface of its skin, while possessing a truly remarkable regenerating ability. So remarkable in fact that a lot of cancer research focuses on its ability to re-grow most of its cells.