Top 10 Ugliest Cars Ever Made


For the most part, cars are supposed to take their passengers from point A to point B as safely as possible. Even so, car manufacturers usually put a lot of effort into making cars as attractive to the public as they possibly can, as it will not only boost sales, but help with the brand’s recognition and popularity worldwide.

Throughout time, the sheer beauty of some cars inspired men to write songs about them, while the ugliness of others made them shrivel with fear. Let’s take a closer look at some of these ugly cars, as we try to understand what exactly was their purpose at the time, and what the manufacturers were thinking.

9Datsun B210

The Datsun B210 was designed to help people deal with traffic more easily, putting them in control of a cart that was not only small and easy to maneuver, but a car that also saved a lot of gas. Interestingly enough, despite being somehow hideous to look at, the Datsun B210 was a car that enjoyed a lot of popularity in its prime, mostly due to its low price and cheap maintenance. Similar to the more famous Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT, Datsun B210 enjoyed almost the same popularity during the mid 1970’s for some reason.