Top 10 Uncracked Codes and Ciphers


We have all heard about the famous Enigma code and how important it was for the Allied effort during World War II when it was finally broken. It was the same thing with the Ancient Egyptians and the Rosetta stone that allowed researchers to decipher the ancient languages and codes written by mathematicians thousands of years ago. This being said, there are many other famous ciphers, codes, and writing systems that remain unsolved to this day. Over the next few minutes, we will learn what are the ten biggest uncracked codes and ciphers in history.


Invented by John F. Byrne in 1918, the Chaocipher was intended to make the US government interested in his cipher system, a seemingly unsuccessful attempt. For this purpose, he offered a reward to anyone who could break his cipher, a reward that was never claimed. His son, John, tried again in 1989 to get people interested in the Chaocipher by putting out a reward of his own, a challenge that yet again, remained unsolved.