Top 10 Untrue Science Myths


Presented with knowledge they do not have the capacity to fully understand, people sometime make crass assumptions about complex scientific facts. This is how most myths come to be, especially when the subject being overstated is a scientific one. You see, with science there likely isn’t a short explanation for complex scientific phenomenon, which is why people are so quick to believe exaggerations that appear to make sense on a fundamental level.

People these days tend to believe pretty much any exciting myth regarding sometimes that cannot be easily explained, even more so if it sounds exciting enough for them to share it with their friends and complete strangers on social networks. We have managed to put together a list containing 10 of the most popular myths about science that simply aren’t true no matter how widespread they are at this point.

10Evolution moves from lower to higher

It is scientifically proven that natural selection is the process whereby weaker genes are uprooted from the gene pool, while strong genes survive. However, it is not scientifically proven that this always happens as some organisms have existed unchanged for centuries examples include, sharks, fungi, crayfish just to name a few.