Top 10 Weird Mormon Beliefs


People don’t really know a lot about Mormons and Mormonism in general, which has lead to some pretty awkward misunderstandings over the years. Even so, you can’t deny that Mormons share some pretty weird beliefs about the world around them, weird beliefs that we are about to delve into, in an effort to better understand where Mormons are coming from. Needless to say, some of these beliefs will seem a bit out-of-place or strangely peculiar, but bear in mind that all religions have issues like these, not just Mormonism. So with an open mind, let us find out what are the ten weirdest things that Mormons believe.

10The Virgin Mary Wasn’t A Virgin

While Mary’s virgin status is unquestioned by most Christians, many Mormons believe that Mary wasn’t a virgin after all. According to Mormon teachings, God took the form of a man and had intercourse with Mary who later became pregnant with Jesus. Mind you, Mormons still believe Jesus was the one true son of God, they just don’t accept the fact that Mary was a virgin at the time she gave birth.