Top 10 World’s Biggest, Largest Waterfalls


Majestic by nature, waterfalls have always captured people’s imagination since ancient times due to their imposing geography. Gazing upon fairly large waterfalls, you understand why people associated mythical creatures with them in the old days. While waterfalls don’t really have to be all that grand in order to impress, the really large ones have been known to send chills down people’s spines. Ergo, here are the world’s biggest, largest waterfalls, landmarks that are as remarkable as they are imposing.

10Inga Falls

Situated in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Inga Falls is a 3,000-foot wide waterfall found along the massive Congo River. As a matter of fact, this giant waterfall is a series of multiple falls and rapids which drop gradually about 300 feet along a total length of 9 miles. The main fall of this imposing waterfall drops around 70 feet and has been turned into a very popular tourist attraction over the years.