Top 10 World’s Most Dangerous Animals


Most animals are majestic and beautiful, of course, yet some of them are also quite dangerous. We’ve been sitting atop of the food chain for so long that we often forget just how vulnerable we are, especially when it comes to our relationship with mother nature and the wildlings living in it. While we did manage to domesticate quite a number of species, some animals were deemed too dangerous befriend or even approach at times.

Such is the case with the animals we will soon talk about. These animals are known to kill people if they feel threatened in any way by their presence or simply if they get too close for comfort. This being said, here are the ten most dangerous animals in the world in terms of fatalities.

10Box Jellyfish

There are various species of box jellyfish and they are all very dangerous. The most deadly variety is the sea wasp which is translucent and looks quite harmless. They are deadly to many animals, not just humans, mainly because their sting is fatal. It is also extremely painful for any person who does get stung, even if they don’t die. Overall, Jellyfish kill over 100 people annually. You are likely to find these deadly creatures on the Australian coastline during summer.