Top 10 World’s Most Famous Serial Killers


When we hear of murders and murderers on the news we often ask ourselves what could possibly possess someone to take another person’s life. Be it a crime of passion or a spur of temporary madness, there are among us plenty who would kill another human being in the heat of the moment. Serial killers, on the other hand, are purely psychotic individuals who kill people in cold blood with little consideration or empathy, individuals who fascinate us for some reason but who we wouldn’t want to cross paths with even in our darkest nightmares.

Over the next few minutes, we will remind ourselves of just how sick and twisted some individuals are, along with the fact that people like these live among us to this day. Here then, are ten of the world’s most famous serial killers.

10Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was an American serial killer and rapist who kidnapped numerous young women during the 1970s, women he would approach and then lead to secluded places where he would attack them. He apparently decapitated 12 of his victims and kept their heads as trophies in his apartment. Although he was captured multiple times, he somehow managed to escape from police and court houses at least a couple of times before finally being apprehended and sentenced to death in the 1980s.