Top 10 Worst Prisons in the World


Nobody wants to end up in prison, especially inside a prison in which you are likely to get tortured or murdered by either the staff or the other inmates. Yet there are plenty of such prisons in existence, places design to rob even the most optimistic individuals of their very soul. It would be hard to figure out why such places exist to begin with, but given how evil some people are, maybe these places are needed to contain them. This being said, here are the 10 most brutal prisons in the world, places so horrible that most people could not even imagine they existed in the first place.

10Bang Kwang Prison

Bangkok Hilton is the nickname given to Bang Kwang prison in Thailand. This particular prison is known for torturing prisoners on a regular basis. To further worsen the situation, inmates are housed in tiny cells, while those who are on death row usually receive a notice of their impending doom just a few hours before their execution. During the first three months of every prisoner’s sentence they wear shackles on their legs.