Top 10 Worst Torture Methods in History


Atomic bombs are the perfect example that human beings have always devised clever and ingenious ways of hurting people they don’t agree with. Throughout history, people have always wanted to inflict as much pain as humanly possible upon their enemies, which led to the invention of some pretty interesting torture devices. Now we’re not that keen on torturing people anymore, and if you don’t count waterboarding or religious extremists, we hardly ever seem to torture one another these days.

Still, we as a species came up with some pretty twisted torture devices over time, some more twisted than others. Let us then take a long, horrifying trip down memory lane in search of history’s most gruesome torture methods. Be warned, some of these will really make your stomach turn.


Popularized by Vlad the Impaler who lived in 15th century Wallachia, impalement is one of the most painful ways to kill someone. During the process, the victim would be forced to sit on a sharp, thick pole that would slowly but surely pierce through their internal organs. To help the proceedings, torturers would sometimes raise the pole slightly, stopping as soon as the victim would start to slide down the pole due to their own weight.