Top 10 Youngest Oscar Winners


Every actor and actress dreams of winning an Academy Award as it is the most prestigious distinction given to anyone related in any way to the film industry. Some talented actors spend their entire lives putting in great performances without ever winning it while others win it by chance thanks to a brilliant script or good directing.

As a matter of fact, the award raised its fair share of controversy over the years, especially given the fact that talented actors like Leonardo di Caprio have never won it despite being brilliant throughout their careers. Even so, many established actors have been honored by this veritable pinnacle of acting appreciation over time, some of which being quite young. Without further ado, let’s find out who are the ten youngest Oscar winners in the history of cinematography.

10Cuba Gooding, Jr – 28

Cuba Gooding Jr. was only 28 years old when he won an Academy Award following his brilliant performance in ‘Jerry Maguire’ as a supporting actor. Cuba was also poised for a nomination a few years prior after appearing in ‘Boys n the hood’ where he starred opposite of Lawrence Fishbourne. Now 28 isn’t exactly young in normal years, but as far as acting goes, most actors who have ever won an Oscar have all been 30+ when winning it.