Top 15 Best Selling Whiskey Brands In The World


We already talked about the most expensive Tequila bottles in the world, so it was only natural to give whiskey the attention it so rightfully deserves. Some have said that drinking whiskey is a lot like getting into a romantic relationship. You may be into it just for the novelty at first, but you soon find out that whiskey is an acquired taste. Afterward, it becomes a matter of sustaining the newly acquired taste to the best of your ability.

There are some who say that there is no such thing as bad whiskey and for experienced whiskey drinkers this might just be true. It certainly explains why certain brands of whiskey command big shares of the market nowadays, and it also explains why there are so many different brands to begin with. Over the next few minutes, we’ll take a look at the 15 best selling whiskey brands in the world over these past few years, to give ourselves an idea of what are people drinking these days.

15Evan Williams

One of the reasons why Heaven Hill’s flagship Bourbon brand Evan Williams is so popular is that the brand has been re-inventing itself constantly over time. This being said, they have done so by retaining all the qualities that have made Evan Williams a hit when it entered the market all those years ago.