Top 20 Ear Piercing Types


Piercings have been a part of most cultures throughout history, turning over time into a veritable art form. If thousands of years ago, piercings used to signify social status or wealth, nowadays they have an artistic and vestimentary purpose more than anything else. People are piercing every inch of their bodies nowadays, even though ear piercings remain THE most popular type of piercing worldwide. Let us then take a look at twenty of the most popular types of ear piercings in the world today.

20Tragus Piercing

This type of piercing became popular sometime after 2005. It is done on the tragus, a small flap of cartilage located over the ear lobe. It is extremely painful as this part of the ear is thick and fleshy. It could result in excessive pain and bleeding. During the piercing, small gouge piercing needles are used. You can use bead or wire rings as ornaments. This type also takes a long time to heal. It causes irritation and other problems when you are using in-ear headphones. On a positive side, it is safer as the chances of tearing and stretching are very low.