Top 20 Strangest Phobias A Person Can Have


We’re all afraid of something, whether it is a traumatic experience that caused us great pain in the past or something that most people are afraid of. Some people, however, are afraid of things they shouldn’t really be afraid of. They hold irrational fears of things most of us don’t really worry about, almost to the point of being terrified that these things could somehow threaten their personal safety.

Most of these people have to battle these fears every day of their lives while some even go to therapy or rely on medication to get them through the day
without any panic attacks. This being said, let us find out what are the 20 strangest phobias a person can have.

20Fear of Lists (Pinaciphobia/katastichophobia)

This seemed like a good place to start, just in case you are afflicted by this unusual fear. There are people out there who for whatever reason cannot stand lists, so if you’re starting to feel a little light-headed while reading this, then we have bad news for you. Jokes aside, people who suffer from this particular condition are absolutely terrified of lists regardless of what type of lists they are.