Top 5 Best Recumbent Trikes of 2017 – Reviews


Introduction on Recumbent Trikes

Recumbent trikes are quite comfortable as if you’re sitting on a lounge chair. It’s fairly easy and safe to ride. There are various types of recumbent trikes, but they all have the same mechanism of a recliner seat with the rider’s feet facing forward to pedal. Still, there’s the best among the rest, which is what we present to you.

Enthusiasts will love the Performer Trike-X and go on a rave with its incredible 27-Speed and the peripherals it comes with. However, if this is your first ever recumbent trike, the Mobo Shift entails you the best ever experience!

Reviews of the Best Recumbent Trikes

Recumbent trikes arrive in a wide range of height and weight capabilities, performance, riding styles, designs, and prices. We aim to give exactly what you’re looking for by imparting information that’s worth your time, so we have already handpicked the best from trusted manufacturers for your convenience. This way, you’ll find the ideal trike that absolutely suits your needs and preferences.

There’s one for each adult and child, since people of all ages can fit and benefit from it. Here are the 5 Best Recumbent Trikes today, including a model that’s just for the li’l ones:

1. Mobo Shift Reversible Three Wheeled Trike

Mobo Shift Reversible Three Wheeled TrikeRide like a king or queen in true royalty and unparalleled comfort when you take the Mobo Shift out for a spin! The world’s first reverse-enabled gear allows you to either pedal forward or backward and is equipped with a dual-stick steering system for unbeatable maneuverability. Kids, adults and anyone in between can partake in the low-to-the-ground action that this 20-inch, three wheeled cycler provides.

The Mobo Shift lets you recline like you’re just sitting casually down the couch, except that you are moving about and going places! You will no longer have an excuse because this cruiser combines the benefits of moving your arms and legs with the appeal of leaning back and enjoying the view of the sights around you. This excellent cycler comes with 26-inch wheels with mudguards that protect your from low-lying dirt while making sure that your ride is as smooth as it can be. Give your body the cardiovascular workout that it needs in the coolest package available, only by Mobo.

? Pros

  • Innovative and groundbreaking reversible pedaling action, and Mobo is the first one to make it happen!
  • Strong and adjustable steel frame that can accommodate adults (6’3″) and kids (4″) alike.
  • Six angle back support settings that make sure you are comfortable while riding.
  • Super stable with a safety flag mechanism. In short, this feature minimizes risks while maximizing the fun.

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2. Mobo Triton Pro 20-inch Three Wheeled Trike

Mobo Triton Pro 20-inch Three Wheeled Trike1Whoever said that getting back into shape is an absolute pain clearly hasn’t experienced riding a Mobo Triton Pro three wheeler yet! Everything that can be made fun and beneficial to your body has been thought of carefully and designed, then wrapped up in one neat-looking cruiser. Where to begin? Perhaps the most beneficial feature is the difference in the way you sit while riding a trike- in the Mobo Triton, you literally can just sit back and let the arms and legs do the work, while arm and shoulder stress are very minimal.

All Mobo tricycle low rider models have the stability that comes with a build that emphasizes a low center of gravity. Seating and trike frames that are very low to the ground provides a straight-angle view so you can see all the action up close and personal. Exercising in this machine has never been safer, due to the safety flag mechanism installed in each Mobo three wheeled cruiser.

? Pros

  • A wholly unique way to steer your trike while reaping all cardiovascular benefits.
  • Mobo’s trademark steel frame allows sizes from people between 4’2″ to 6’3″ in height.
  • The Triton 20-inch cruiser looks great and its chassis, fantastic!
  • Maneuvering around obstacles and people is a snap, thanks to the unique free wheel system and dual-stick controls.

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3. Mobo Triton Ultimate 16-inch Three Wheeled Trike

Mobo Triton Ultimate 16-inch Three Wheeled TrikeAre you looking for a cruiser that rides like a Harley and can be as comfortable as a Lazy Boy recliner? Then look no further than the Mobo Triton Ultimate as the ride that can fulfill both conditions easily, and provide much more! Disregard the fact that this cycler is 4 inches shorter than the Mobo Triton Pro, because the length shortening lends more maneuverability and the bigger wheel size (26 inches, compared to the Mobo Pro’s 20 inches) makes for a smoother riding experience.

The Triton Ultimate is also designed to be slung as low as possible to bring the fun and joy of cruising around town with such a cool mode of short-distance transportation. Reap all the cardiovascular benefits of walking, running and cycling by riding the Mobo Ultimate 16-inch, and let the inner kid take over and run wild in an endless adventure!

? Pros

  • 26 inch wheels add to the already awesome look that the Mobo Ultimate sports.
  • The Ultimate’s steel frame adjusts to people from 4’2″ to 6’3″ in height with room for allowance.
  • Ergonomic seats and dual-stick steering system deliver a responsive and relaxing cruise around towns or beach walks.
  • Rugged chassis is superbly strong and stable enough to not worry about toppling over.

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4. The Performer X-27 Speed Trike

Performer X-27 Speed TrikeIt’s no surprise that you may be shocked, or even very surprised when you see the Performer X-27’s unique cruiser layout. It may take a minute or two to take it all in, figure out which wheels are at the front, and how the gears move, and most probably, why the pedaling mechanism seems to float at the front by its lonesome! When all the pieces of the puzzle finally fit, then you will come to realize and appreciate the X-27’s form and innovative mechanisms are well-thought of and may actually be genius.

One, the design takes off all the possible obstructions in your view and places it on your rear, leaving you with a wide peripheral vision. Second, the two 20 inch wheels are in the front instead of the traditional layout of one wheel in front and two at the back. The gears are also very visible and they are made by top company ride manufacturers Microshift, SRAM, Truvativ and Shimano. Your seating is fully featured and it even has a head rest for minimizing neck stress. If you want a three wheeled cycler that can turn heads and make your friends want to ride it just for the experience, then the Performer X-27 is your first, and probably last cruiser you will need!

? Pros

  • Top quality shifter, crankset, front and rear derailleur made by high-end ride manufacturers is well worth the cost.
  • Rear seat suspension takes the bumps and the roughness of the ride, making the Performer X-27’s ride perform better than most.
  • Pedaling mechanism smartly installed on the back to remove any viewing obstructions.
  • Comes with a wealth of extra accessories and tools to help you assemble and maintain this sweet ride!

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Why not get your kid a recumbent trike as well?

As a parent, you surely want the best for your child in every aspect to be able to provide the highest quality of life he or she deserves. With the Mobo Mini, you get absolutely the best in the entire world! A recumbent trike makes the perfect gift for kids as young as two and a half years old.

The Mobo Mini Three Wheeled Luxury Trike ranks as the best recumbent trike for kids. It’s an adorable trike that’s perfect for your adorable child. Read on to find out why:

Mobo Mini Three Wheeled Luxury Trike Review

Mobo Mini Three Wheeled Luxury TrikeThe Mobo Mini will make your child’s dream come true, and a million others when they first step into the smallest three wheeled cruiser by Mobo. Kids over 5 will just have to look on in envy as they see your child cruising around with metallic-plated rims and the thick inflatable tires that make the Mobo Mini the baddest ride on the block.

This trike will be the fastest toy that your 2 1/2 year-old toddler up to a 5-year-old kid will ever have at his or her age, but this should not worry the parents as it comes loaded with safety features such as an adjustable steel frame that never feels cramped, a low-riding style that is very stable, and a chainless pedal operation so that nothing gets snagged or pulled in accidentally. This cruiser comes along with custom decals for added flair and creativity, ensuring that no Mobo Mini is the same!

? Pros

  • Never Flat tire technology provides a consistent quality riding experience.
  • Excellent as your child’s first tricycle, teaches important hand-eye coordination with needed daily exercise to burn off excess energy.
  • The Mobo Mini’s frame can be made to adjust as your child grows in size.
  • Allows an unobstructed view for optimal motor skills coordination; intuitive dual-stick control system.

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What You Have To Know Before Buying a Recumbent Trike

To some, a recumbent trike can look strange yet fascinating, and that’s why using it is just so much fun! Behind this cool looks is so much more promise in what this one-of-a-kind tricycle has to offer, and here’s only to name a few:

  • These robust trikes are most often used for long distance tours and trips. It’s the perfect combination of extreme comfort, top performance and speed, letting the rider enjoy for hours on end with balance not something to worry about.
  • Recumbent trikes come in two wheel configurations. The Delta trike has two wheels at the back and one in front, while the Tadpole trike is the other way around.
  • Most riders choose the recumbent seat mainly due to back problems. The comfort it brings keep them going as long as they wish to ride. It puts less pressure not only on the back, but all other body parts too since it minimizes pain brought about by the cycling activity.
  • The semi-reclined position of the individual seated on the trike allows for the broader distribution of body weight. The areas of the buttocks going through the back receive ample padded support. Your hands, arms and shoulders remain in a relaxed position. Your abdomen lies flat and straight which reduces any difficulty breathing due to having a very tight space. The feet extends and rests in its proper form on the pedals, much like you have laid them on a recliner foot rest. Your head is kept in a neutral position, preventing strain on the neck. Altogether, this is just a picture of how it feels and how comfortable you can get on a recumbent trike!