What Type of Dog Should I Get?


You need to think of a lot of factors when choosing a dog breed and what type of dog you should get. Because it’s not just your preferences that matter but most importantly, the welfare of the dog you are about to bring into your home. You need to be able to ensure that they will not just be healthy and safe, but that they are happy and not miserable. Otherwise, they’re better off with another family or maybe back in the shelter.

Dogs need love and care, and they need to be in the proper environment or else, they will suffer. They can also develop some conditions like extreme fear and anxiety when they’re not in an ideal environment and when their humans are not taking proper care of them.

There are different types of dog breeds. Whether you are adopting or purchasing one from a breeder, you need to make a careful decision and remember that this is another life you are committing to.

Responsibilities of a Dog Parent

Taking a dog home is not the same as taking home a toy. You cannot just dispose of them when you’ve lost interest. Just as you would plan and prepare for having a child of your own, deciding to become a dog owner or a dog parent should have the same planning and preparation.

Dogs are not toys. They have lives and they have feelings and aspirations just like we do. You need to respect that life or not get a dog at all. This is why the type of dog that you choose matters. If your home and lifestyle do not fit the dog breed that you will get, the dog will suffer.

You also need to keep your dog healthy and well-fed. You need to ensure that they get the right amount of vaccines and take them to regular veterinary visits. These are some of the things you need to know about routine vaccinations for puppies and dogs. You also need to give them proper grooming. If you don’t know how to groom a dog, you should take them to a groomer regularly.

All of these have costs. And if you don’t think you will have the money to take care of all their needs for the long haul, you better not get a dog at all. You need to be prepared to spend for your dogs the way you will spend for a child. And if they get sick or get into an accident, you also need to make sure you have emergency funds for whatever might happen.

Don’t be an irresponsible owner.

Getting to Know the Owner

First, these are the factors to consider in your life before even thinking about the dog.

  • Residence

    One of the main things that determine the type of dog you should take home is the kind of house you live in. How big is it? Is it an apartment or a condo unit? Is it a full-size house? This is assuming of course that pets are allowed in your compound or neighborhood. If you have a small apartment, it’s best to choose small breed or toy dogs but you also need to make sure that they are the quiet type. Small dogs like Chihuahuas can get really noisy and aggressive and your neighbors might complain.

    For letting them in and out of your door, here are the best dog doors. And if you’re traveling with them, here are the best dog crates and best dog harnesses.

  • Neighborhood

    Now that we’ve mentioned neighborhood, you need to consider the area that you live in. Is it an inner city or a suburb? Do you live in a rural area? If you have a big neighborhood with lots of space to walk or run your dog to, you would be great with big breeds like Belgian Malinois or Husky.

  • Time for Exercise

    You also need to know how much time you can spare to exercise or walk your dog. This is the main indicator of the type of dog you should get. Can you spend 30 minutes to an hour to exercise your dog? Or do you not have time at all? If you don’t have a lot of time to exercise your dog, you can choose those with little need for exercises like Basset Hounds or English Bulldogs. Dogs like Yorkshire Terrier are sporty dogs and they need a lot of exercises or they will get depressed and unhealthy.

  • People Living in the House

    Next, you need to put into consideration the people living with you in your house. Are you alone? If so, does that mean your pet would be alone when you leave? Do you have kids? Are there elderly or disabled people in your home? Choose dogs that are great with kids like Corgis and Shih Tzu. Pit bulls can be kid friendly too but they need proper rearing.

  • Lifestyle

    Another very important factor in choosing the type of dog you will take home is your lifestyle. Are you out most of the time? In that case, you need to make sure that there is someone who will take care of your dog for most of the time that you are aware. If not, better look for dog schools or dog day care centers in your area that you can take your pet to before leaving.

What Type of Dog Should I Get?

So knowing the responsibilities of a dog owner, if you still decide that you want a dog in your home, you now ask what type of dog you should get. It really depends on the circumstances. Let us assess the different factors and which dog type is right for you.

  • Toy Dogs

    Toy dogs are cute and lovely, and they usually require little maintenance. They’re great for those with small apartments, and those who don’t have a lot of time for walking.

  • Sporting Dogs

    Sporting dogs like Spaniels, Border Collie and Terriers require lots of exercises. They have lots of energy to burn so you should be prepared to run and play along with them.

  • Gentle Giants

    Big dogs like the Great Dane and Mastiffs are gentle giants and totally adorable. But you need to make sure your home has a lot of space for them and you can provide them the food they need every day.

  • Police Dogs and Guide Dogs

    There are other dog breeds that are more suitable as guide dogs like Labradors and Retrievers, and those that are great as police dogs like Belgian Malinois and Rottweiler, and German Shepherd.

  • Noisy Dogs

    If you are weary of dogs barking in the middle of the day or just about anytime they hear the crack of a door, then you should think twice before choosing these noisy dogs. Some of them are the Beagle, Basset Hound, Corgi, and Chihuahua. But there are much more.

There are so much more dog breeds that we will never be able to discuss in detail. But the factors that we mentioned above should give you a good idea on the type of dog you should get.