Top 10 Best Weightlift / Fitness Wrist Wraps of 2017 – Reviews


Wrist injuries are very common these days, especially for those who live an active lifestyle that has them using their hands a lot. They are also common for people who exercise on a regular basis, especially for those who life weights. Thankfully, there are quite a few accessories you can use to prevent wrist pain and none more useful than the wrist wrap.

It’s amazing how such a small piece of equipment can make all the difference in the world when it comes to protecting your wrists, which is perhaps why they’re so popular in the first place. To give you a better idea of what wrist wraps are all about, we put together a list of the ten best wrist wraps money can buy.

10WODFitters Wrist Wrap Support

amazon buttonThis is the ideal wrist wrap as it is able to tolerate and support one’s hand during heavy workout sessions and strenuous activities. It enjoys a very durable construction that will get you through any type of workout you might be doing regardless of how often you do it. Additionally, it is appealing to the eye with its black and red combination that makes it attractive from an aesthetic point of view.

9MRX Wrist Wrap Support

amazon buttonGetting the perfect wrist support with good material may be hard. However, with this cotton wrist band, you are bound to enjoy outstanding flexibility and comfortability as you work on any type of exercise or activity that may strain your hand otherwise. You also do not have to worry if it will fit your size because it is made in such a flexible way that it fits almost every hand allowing one to work out in peace.

8Steel Sweat 18-Inch Wrist Wraps

amazon buttonThis is one of the most popular wrist wraps as it is very durable and rarely wears out. If you are looking for one that gives you an easy time during adjustments then this is the one for you as it has several hooks for this purpose. Its material is of terrific quality to prevent any discomfort for both men and women. This wrist wrap also enjoys a fairly large Velcro Zone to keep the wrap in place at all times.

7Jack’s Fitness Wrist Wraps

amazon buttonFor those who spend several hours in the gym working on some heavy exercises such as weightlifting, punching bags, body building and other extreme workouts, this might just be the best wrist wrap the market has to offer. Not only does it provide adequate protection for your wrist, but it also supports your forearm preventing any serious injuries. It is quite flexible for easy adjustments. Moreover, it does not retain unnecessary heat that may make one uncomfortable. No need to worry about your knuckles and bones as there are loops that keep the wrap in a position that minimizes the exposure of these sensitive areas.

6Bear Grips Wrist Wraps

amazon buttonThis is more than just a wrist wrap as it also serves as a wrist balance. It ensures that as one performs those heavy duty exercises that involve a lot of movements in the wrist area, the wrist is protected and any injuries that may occur are prevented. Furthermore, the materials it is made from like cotton and the elastic ones make it malleable by offering utmost protection. You do not have to worry about sweat making it slippery as the material is quite absorbent. It also comes with thumb loops as well as hooks to make it tight enough around your wrist.

5Eagle ProFitness Wrist Wraps

amazon buttonThis amazing wrist wrap is designed to protect your hand at all times. It also comes with an extra pair of free lifting straps to ensure that you have all you need during your training sessions, whatever exercises they might involve. At the same time, they will undoubtedly fit your arms as comfortably as possible, thanks to their flexible design and to their universally fitting construction.

4TerriFIT Wrist Wrap

amazon buttonMore often than not when one is performing cleans, shrugs, barbells kettlebell workouts and bench press exercises that put a lot of pressure on the hands and particularly the wrists, injuries will tend to occur. This wrist wrap is the best accessory to help you lessen such injuries and at the same time provide steadiness and maximum protection to your wrist during any of your workout sessions.

3Lift 18-Inch Wrist Wraps

amazon buttonIt is common for bellow-par wrist wraps to loosen up over time and to eventually slide off during your workouts. This particular wrist wrap, on the other hand, is made from a long-lasting material that guarantees you maximum support over extended periods of time. This might be particularly useful for heavy-lifters as this wrap gives you steady support like a cast would and inhibits wrist movements that might cause harm. Besides, the loops will ensure that your wrists are covered all the time.

2Grizzly Fitness Wrist Wrap

amazon buttonThe Grizzly Fitness Wrist Wrap features a neoprene pad ensures that the user gets maximum comfort while working out without being too bulky. Moreover, it is made of high-quality materials and offers flexibility to enable you to adjust it to your hand almost any way you want. At the same time, this wrist wrap is perhaps one of the most flexible on the market today, especially in this price range.

1Nordic Lifting Wrist Wrap (4 Pack)

amazon buttonWithout a doubt, this flexible wrist wrap from Nordic Lifting can be considered high-end by all standards. First of all, it is designed for both men and women, a versatility that made it very popular among casual weight lifters. With its several hooks and loops, it is able to keep the wrap tight on your hand at all times, regardless of what type of exercises you might be performing. If you are an exercising enthusiast and wish to have a wrist wrap that will last you for ages, then Nordic Lifting Wrist Wrap should be at the top of your list.